Manx illustrator Juan Moore unveils latest project

Manx illustrator Juan Moore unveils latest projectManx illustrator Juan Moore is preparing to unveil the first instalment of a year-long project titled, Welcome To The Neighbourhood. In association with the Isle of Man Arts Council, the project will see Moore deliver five exhibitions. "The idea behind this project is to show art outside the context of an art gallery," he told BBC Isle of Man. The first exhibition will he held at the Tanroagan fish Restaurant in Douglas on the 1 November 2010.

Carpe Diem

The opening exhibition, Carpe Diem, will see Juan display a body of work on the theme of fish. Juan said: "Fish is just the starting point for the artwork, my work is very light hearted, whimsical and always surreal."
There will be around 20 works on display at Tanroagan's for a period of two weeks, with a preview night on Monday 1 November at 6.30pm. The Manx illustrator has also taken the time to deliver thirty laminated original drawings which will be used as place mats for the duration of the show. Head of Community Culture and Art, Dawn Maddrell was keen on the idea from the start.
"We loved the idea of holding these exhibitions in venues not traditionally associated with art. It is a great opportunity for people to engage with art and hopefully they will respond positively. We are very excited to see what Juan has produced."
Moore was born and raised on the Isle of Man before moving to Falmouth in 2006 to complete a degree in illustration.

Global Portfolio

The following year, Juan took up a year long residency at the Sayle Gallery in St Johns and now works as an illustrator with a global portfolio. He has exhibited his work across the UK, France and New York.
He continued: "I want to make art that is accessible to everybody instead of just those well versed in contemporary art and art history. These exhibitions also aim to show art working alongside and within the community. Each of the exhibitions will not simply have a theme but will be very site specific."
The next four venues which will display Juan's work are yet to be announced.

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