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Important Changes

All the expired accounts are now visible on the website. However, these accounts have limited features. For example, the Contact Us and Blog sections are not available to the public.

On the artist's profile page and on the illustration page there will be a few ads.

New Features - Favorites and Watchlists

We are proud to announce the inauguration of 2 new features. Every artist can now tag artists or illustrations as their personal favorites.

On every artist's profile page there will be a new section that will contain a list of users that follow him.

The same section will also be visible on the tagged illustrations.

New Feature - Comment System

A new feature has been added to Top Illustrations. Everyone can now leave comments to artist profiles, illustrations and blog posts.

Logged in users can post comments in the name of their accounts. 

New Feature - New Artists Sliding Panel

The latest registered artists on Top Illustrations have now a greater exposure. They appear on the stylish sliding panel from the right hand side of the screen.

New Feature - Top Illustrations Badges

The Top Illustrations Badges are great tools that will help artists embed their profiles on their personal websites and blogs.

There are multiple formats available, customized for every need. The badges are available under "Tools" from the account area.

Here is a quick example:

Out of Beta

We’re excited to announce that Top Illustrations is now out of beta. With the initial launch less than two months ago we have tried to bring up to life a service for the artists and art-lovers from all over the world.

Register on Top Illustrations for free, create your online portfolio, maintain your own blog and be a part of our artist community.

New Feature - Top Illustrations Interactive Map of Artists

We are proud to announce that we have just launched the "Interactive Map of Artists".

On every page refresh, a new artist is highlighted. Zoom in and out to see the entire map and check out the different international locations of all our artists.

You can visit the map by clicking on the "Map of Artists" link from the left menu or by clicking here.

Ciao Everyone!I have some news...I got interviewed! Mr. Andrew from Tickle City Award was so kind to feature me on his blog. His blog is filled with stories that reflect the different aspects of the modern culture and most importantly they are...tickle city! Tickle city is a phrase that can be defined as hip, fun, interesting & creative. Next to that, the articles are witty & really well written. So in my opinion it's definitely worth a read and I'm honored to be featured on there. Thanks so much Andrew! If you want to read the interview...simply click this Magical word...You know, I actually had two more posts planned for this year.Then I got struck down with the stomach flu... It's going better now though, but it gave me some time to think about a lot of stuff. It's funny, that the weirdest things come to mind when your sick, but I guess it's because you don't have anything else to do anyway. I also got a few new illustrations ideas! Kid you not, but this you will see in 2011...[read more]
srnobleThe Woodcut style is defined by simulating the old fashioned woodblock carvings of the 18th century and often re-creating a retro modern version to fit today’s needs for advertising, packaging design, publishing and logo identity purposes. The technique requires the use of the scratchboard medium which works most effectively to accomplish this end result. Furthermore, the style is mostly associated with “bold”, less detailed, line strokes along with loose uncleaned cuts along the outer edge of the illustration. This is a clear distinction from the other scratchboard styles such engraving, and steel engraving styles.

See woodcut samples:
The original woodcuts (Xylography) from the 18th century were carved out from wood blocks with printing parts remaining level with the surface while non-printing parts are removed. The areas to show ‘white’ are cut away with a knife or chisel, leaving the characters or image to show in ‘black’ at the...[read more]
Hi everyone, I just wanted to make a small introduction. I’m firstly not fascinated by art, but more so by people and their psyche. Captivated by the beauty of the minority and the intriguing game between opposites in any shape or form, I try to create a point of recognition for the viewer. Being a perfectionist, I can lose myself in little details for hours. I have just one addiction and that’s my obsession with snails that smile without their teeth showing. I’m always on the lookout to collaborate with others; especially writers, multimedia freaks and musicians. I'm always up for freelance commissions, so feel free to contact me if you can relate to my work. Cheers, Kelly
'Kelly De Meyer is not interested in art as it were. Her passion is people, her search is one for those human similarities that might take us towards something like a truth that suits the whole species. She’s looking...[read more]